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The Edorble Pioneers Program: Apply Here

by Gabe Baker
Come be a pioneer.

Edorble is a 3D world that makes it easy for teachers and students to come together in a personal, playful, and powerful way. It gives them a sense of space, presence, and togetherness, and it's available from a PC, Mac, and soon, virtual reality headsets. We're about to put out an update to Edorble, and we're opening up a program to 1,000 teachers who want to get an early look at our 3D world for online learning. We're calling it the Pioneers Program. You can apply here.

As part of the pioneer program, we'll work closely with you to understand how you might want to use Edorble with your students or colleagues, and help bring your ideas to life. If you'd like, we'll also link you up with teachers that have similar interests or goals, so that you can do some cross-class collaborations. We'll also provide technical support to get you and your students in your 3D world as seamlessly as possible. Beyond this close support, as part of the Pioneers program you'll be able to use Edorble for free, no matter how big your class is. All we ask in return? Let us know how things are going, and whether Edorble is working for you. Let us know where we're succeeding, and what we can do better. Help us make Edorble into something extraordinary for teachers and students around the world.

Apply for the Pioneers Program with this short form.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or We're here to help.