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Edorble Just Raised a Funding Round!

by Gabe Baker
Seeds come before growth. Edorble just got some seeds.

The scoop.

Edorble just raised a seed stage round of funding led by Jim Hurley, the CEO of Lesson Planet. Jim, besides being a successful ed-tech founder, has been involved in online education and distance learning for decades. We're thrilled to have him on our board of directors. One of the reasons why Edorble's US Office is relocating to Santa Barbara next month is so that we can work closer with Jim, who lives there. Jim is very excited about our 3D virtual world for education, and he's going to help us grow our business, maintain focus, and thrive.

Before this seed stage round, Edorble has been supported by a number of smaller, pre-equity investors. Their investments have now converted into equity in the company. They are:

Matt Rubinstein - fellow ed-tech CEO of Live School

Nick Morrison - private investor

Peter Temes - director of the Institute for Innovation in Large Organizations

David Baker - my dad

What does this mean for our company?

Edorble has always been a for-profit venture, and with this money we plan on getting to a point where we can bring in organic revenue. This means leaving our free beta, starting a pricing plan, and working with institutions who want to use our technology on a large scale. We are still working out the details of our pricing plan, but this much we know:

We will continue to offer a free version of Edorble, our 3D world for online education, to teachers and students who are using Edorble on a small scale. We think this is a good business decision, alongside being just a "good thing to do".

We have some extraordinary updates coming over the next few months, and we've been thrilled that so many teachers, trainers, and students are helping us shape this thing into something beautiful and functional.

Here's a picture of the Edorble team gathering in Edorble (where else?) to discuss our next steps. 5 people from 5 different countries having a great meeting. We can't wait to see what the future holds for us, and we'll work hard to keep making something valuable. Help us out by checking out Edorble, dropping us a line on twitter @edorble, or shooting us an email at