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Issues on Windows 7


*** Update: As there are too much issues on Windows 7 we're sorry to say we've decided to not support windows 7 for now. We're a small startup and simply don't have the resources yet to cover all versions of Windows. Hope you can understand. We do support Windows 8 and above.***

We've noticed that several users are having issues launching the application on Windows 7.

They manage to download the application from the website. But once they launch it they get stuck on this screen:

If you're interested in helping us get to the core if these issue, we appreciate anyone trying to reproduce the issue. If you also experience the bug please provide us with:

- A screenshot from your system information, example:

-> This shows us the exact version of windows 7 (Pro / Home ..) and the bit version (32 vs 64)

- A screenshot from your build version. You can reach that by hitting CTRL-R and type 'winver'. Example:

We will send this information to our test team. They will try to reproduce the Bug.

If they manage to do that they'll be able to provide detailed information to the development team who can hopefully get things solved.

Thanks to anybody willing to test!