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Edorble Gets Into Kickstart Accelerator from Venturelab

by Gabe Baker

We're thrilled to announce that Edorble was accepted to the Kickstart Accelerator, a premier European startup accelerator from Venturelab. The accelerator is based out of Switzerland, and Edorble co-founder Cederik will be headed there for most of the next few months. This accelerator suits us wonderfully for a few reasons. For one, they have a new dedicated ed-tech track this year. In support of that track, they've gathered together a phenomenal group of partners, ed-tech companies, and advisors with expertise in this space. We're also fired up about this accelerator because of it's location: Switzerland. We're excited to develop more relationships in Europe and grow our user base there. The education technology industry is blossoming in Europe, and we'll be right at one of its hubs in Lausanne. The VR industry is also heating up in Europe, and we'll do our part to help drive it forward.

We'll be joining the company of 9 other ed-tech startups from all over the world. It's an incredible, diverse bunch, and we're grateful to be a part of it. If you're from Switzerland or nearby and you'd like to connect with us while we're over there, please reach out.

We look forward to giving you updates from Switzerland!

If you'd like to see more about what we do, head to In recent news, we just put out a WebVR build of Edorble that works on all platforms and VR headsets. You can read about that here.