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Stonehenge is Just The Start: New Frontiers on the Horizon

Gabe Baker

At Edorble, we deeply value the sense of space, togetherness, and presence that 3D worlds provide for students and teachers who come together to communicate and collaborate online. Our 3D world is designed for it, with an auditorium, places for breaking out into small groups, a campfire for casual discussions, and more. The visual style of the world reflects our playful spirit, and in many ways we see this world as "home base" for our users.

Looking at the horizon.

We will continue to work on this home base, but in our next release we're also going to start opening up places that you can travel to with your colleagues or students, and eventually 3D content that you can bring into the home base or any other world. Our co-founder Cederik partnered up with an Israeli artist Ruslan, whom we discovered while checking out some of the great 3D models on Sketchfab. Here's a look at Cederik exploring Ruslan's Stonehenge environment as an Edorble world. This is one of the maps that will eventually be available after our next release, which will support not only our home base, but also other neat 3D content.


3D/VR content is great. It's even greater when teachers and students can explore it together. We have other interesting maps in the pipeline that we can't wait to share with you.

If you're interested in bringing any of your models or maps into Edorble you can reach out to, and he'll collaborate with you to make it happen!