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How To Display Files from Google Drive in Edorble

by Gabe Baker
Google Drive, meet Edorble.  Edorble, say hi.

In the new build of Edorble, you can now display files from Google Drive on the in-world screens that are scattered throughout the 3D world. This makes it possible to display presentations, videos, documents, images, and other files that live within your Google Drive folder. We're going to be building more Google Drive integration in the future to make this process even easier, but already it's pretty simple. Follow these steps to bring any file from Google Drive and display it in your Edorble world.

  1. Before entering Edorble, open up a web browser and log in to Google Drive. Find the file that you'd like to display in Edorble, and right click on it. The following menu will appear.
  1. Click on "get shareable link". This will cause the following little box to pop up:
  1. Make sure you leave "link sharing on", and copy the link provided. This is the link that you'll want to paste into the URL bar in Edorble.
  2. Open Edorble, enter a world code, and find the screen that you want to present on. The screen in the auditorium is the biggest, but there are some other nice screens scattered around the island.  Walk onto the "webcast circle" a small circle nearby each of the screens. Once you're on the webcast circle, the URL bar will appear.  Paste your link copied from Google Drive into the URL Bar and hit the "go" button. The file should display on the screen.  If it's a google doc, as in my example below, you can work on it right there with your class.
  1. We have found this method to work with google slides, powerpoint presentations, documents, images, and videos. If you try to share a file from google drive that doesn't work in the browser, please let us know at and we'll see what we can do about it! We're also curious for your thoughts on other ways we can integrate with Google Drive or other Google services in Edorble.  Let us know if you have any suggestions!