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We Just Hired Two New Artists, and They Rock

by Gabe Baker
The Edorble team is growing.

Two digital artists recently joined the Edorble team. It's widely recognized that the way physical learning spaces are designed impacts the kinds of learning that happen in them. The same holds true for online learning spaces, and we take design pretty seriously here at Edorble. So, we're pleased to welcome these two fantastic additions to our team. Both are skilled 3D artists who are passionate about education. Their names are Andrej Jagar and Roberto Taminelli. Andrej is from Bosnia & Herzegovina ; Roberto hails from Italy. Here's a little more about them.

Andrej Jagar

Andrej has worked as Animator, Supervising Animator, Head of Animation department and Creative Director on some of greatest projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he has been living for his whole life. He has experience with animated feature films, video games, commercials. He attended Animschool, where he was taught by industry finest in arts of Animation and Rigging for both games and movies. He also collects retro consoles, games and action figures from the golden age of gaming.

Roberto Taminelli

Roberto is an Italian artist, and his passion for the creative arts started in his early childhood. He earned a Master of Art at the Venice Fine Arts Academy and a Master in Video Game Technology at NHTV, Breda. Roberto grew up as traditional painter, but in these recent years he moved toward computer art and graphic (both 2 and 3D), working in particular for video games. He joined Edorble because he's attracted by the provocative opportunity to extend the power of video game technology in stimulating and socially helpful ways. When not in front of a monitor, Roberto enjoys painting, playing guitar or clarinet, reading a nice book or doing yoga (his favorite), a practice that he also teaches. 

We're thrilled to have such talented, enthusiastic, and experienced artists working with us at Edorble. Get your eyes ready - what they're about to bring to Edorble will be simply stunning.