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Project aGAP: Advancing Global Awareness Possibilities

by Gabe Baker
Get Your Class Involved in a Global Collaboration.

Are you a teacher interested in having your students collaborate with others around the world to address real-world problems and issues? Are you interested in authentic, project-based learning experiences and problem solving? Are you willing to step outside the box to facilitate profound learning experiences for your students?  If you answered yes to any of the above, read on.  

Allen Nice-Webb, a high school teacher from North Carolina, has been working on a project-based learning experience called aGAP: Advancing Global Awareness Possibilities.  He invites you and your students to join him.  In his own words:

 I am continuing this year with my students and others internationally to examine global issues by using the power of mathematics to model the human condition. You can choose to collaborate with us mathematically or within each team, approach the topic from your own curriculum’s perspective and standards. The Essential Question we will explore is: How might we use our curriculum, career interest, historical perspectives, and international collaboration to advance global awareness possibilities regarding global systemic risks of interest to youth? 

We are thrilled that Allen wants to use Edorble as one of the platforms to facilitate this project, and we're working with him closely to ensure that we can meet his needs. We encourage you to join him and his students. The feedback Allen has given us so far has been invaluable, and we are absolutely stunned by the scope of this project. The fact that we can help bring it to life is extremely motivating for us.

A 3D world like Edorble is a great place for various kinds of online interaction and global collaboration, and we've worked hard to become a viable option for educators like Allen with projects like aGAP. As we continue to build new features, we'll be doing so with projects like this in mind.  I'll let Allen's words close out this post as a final encouragement to join him on this:

Our first year students (Year 1) also explore the question of “Who Am I?” across curricular disciplines. School groups may join with us at any time, stay connected the whole time, connect for a short-term, or just give and receive comments about school, cultures, or global issues. Students are invited to join my students and those from other schools (internationally) to form international teams, communicate, work together, and give joint presentations regarding the entire project experience. The idea is not to present to one another but to present together to another world audience chosen by the teams and their teachers. There are a variety of ways to connect to project aGAP, please contact me to work out the details

You can contact Allen at 

Need we say more? Good luck!