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We're Teaching Teachers + Students How to Design 3D/VR Worlds With Unity3D

by Gabe Baker

We want to help people learn how to create, publish, and use 3D content for the immersive platforms of today and tomorrow. And we want to help them teach it to others. We're building builders. Enroll for the course here


Promoting digital literacy skills is at the core of our vision at Edorble. "Digital Literacy" is a broad term that encompasses skills and tools that help people navigate, create, and consume digital content. Because the nature of "digital content" is changing so rapidly, what constitutes digital literacy is something of a moving target. The area that we're particularly excited about, though, is the world of 3D/VR technology, and that's why soon we're launching an online course for absolute beginners, be they teachers or students, that will give them an introduction to designing 3D worlds using Unity 3D, the best game engine in the world, and our Edorble Creator Tools, a toolkit that helps people publish 3D environments created in Unity into a multiplayer, cross-platform environment with just a few clicks. See below two people checking out a a 3D world together - created in Unity, published in Edorble.

The merging of Unity 3D and Edorble makes our course different than similar Unity courses offered on Udemy or elsewhere. Participants in our course will be able to quickly publish their work to share with the instructor and their peers, and can even explore it together or hold a class inside of a 3D scene. Participants will also be creating their own 3D environment throughout the course of the class, and at the end they'll be able to publish their final product to Edorble so that anyone with a PC, Mac, or VR headset from around the world can check it out - together.

We hope you'll join us on this journey, or if you know anyone that might be interested, let them know about it. Teachers interested in picking up new skills, or students interested in creating video game worlds, or anyone interested in learning how to use an incredibly powerful piece of software - you can now enroll here.