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Making it Easy to Display Web Content in VR with Edorble

by Gabe Baker

Edorble is a space where teachers, students, and trainers can come together to communicate and collaborate in a 3D space that works on PC, Mac, and VR. The new build of Edorble makes it easier for users to explore different kinds of content while they're inside the virtual world, both 2D and 3D content. This post will focus on how you can easily display 2D web content inside your 3D Edorble world using our new content management system. If you don't yet have Edorble but you want to try it out, you can head to

On the new build of Edorble, when you create an account you gain access to a web-based dashboard. In the "content" tab of your dashboard, you can store five URLS onto each of the screens in your world. This allows you to create galleries of web content that are easily accessible to those in your Edorble world. On the dashboard you can check out each of the areas in your world and see each of the screens available there. Once you find the screen you want to save content to, select it. To the left of the screen preview, you'll see five buttons that you can drag links to. Once you drag a link to a button, you'll see the blue link button appear. That means the link is stored and will appear there inside your 3D world.

You can see your links inside Edorble, and you can even edit the saved links inside the 3D world itself if you want. Here's me checking out a Dropbox file that I saved inside my Edorble world.

Why did we build this content management system? Typing in VR can be tricky, and if you're having a webinar or giving a presentation inside Edorble, it's handy to have your content already prepared. We also heard from our users that they want the ability to store links persistently in their world. Links stored in our content management system will show up in your world 24/7 unless you change them, accessible to users that visit your world at any time.

We recognize that a lot of people are interested in 3D content inside of virtual worlds, and we're right there with you. In a future blog post, I'll talk about bringing your own 3D content into Edorble. We still think, though, that the written word won't be going away anytime soon, and that two-dimensional art won't be either. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to come together to talk about whatever it is they're learning about. That includes web sites, e-books, documents, 2D visual art, 3D art, audio, video, and all kinds of media. Our content builder will help you manage your 2D web content in Edorble, letting you store 35 links throughout your 3D environment.

Want to give it a try? Head to