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We're Excited: Presenting Edorble at VWBPE Horizons (March 11)

by Gabe Baker

The Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education is the largest and most influential community of practice for teachers interested in virtual worlds and education. Every year they hold an open, online conference in a virtual world with teachers, industry leaders, researchers and the growing community of all those interested in this space. I was lucky to have caught the majority of their conference "Crossroads" last year, and we're thrilled that Edorble was asked to present in one of the "power promo" slots during this year's conference: "Horizons". This conference is held in Second Life, for the most part.  Here's the calendar with details on the incredible, multi-day lineup.

Edorble is presenting on March 11 from 11:30 to 11:50 Pacific Standard Time. Our listing is short and sweet, and we encourage anyone interested in Edorble to check it out:

This session will introduce Edorble, a 3D virtual world for education, that is currently in beta. The session will outline its capabilities, development timeline and potential benefits for the education community.

Link to session location in Second Life: