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EdTechXEurope: An Ed-Tech Extravaganza

by Gabe Baker

EdTechXEurope is this week in London (June 15-16), and it's worth taking stock of how momentous this event is for the global ed-tech scene. The companies that will be at EdTechX range from some of the biggest in the space (Coursera, TES, Google) to some of the newest and up-and-coming (Bibblio, Potentially, and yep - Edorble). For those interested in ed-tech investing, EdTechX is truly the place to be. Some of the most successful and impactful ed-tech venture capital funds and angel investors will be present this year, including New Ventures, Learn Capital, GSV Capital, IBIS Capital, and Nesta. Significantly, the conference isn't limited to founders and funds. Teachers and educational researchers are there too, lest things stray too far from the reality of classrooms and the needs of actual teachers. There is a definite emphasis on education technology that can have a global reach and impact. Our co-founder and CTO, Cederik Haverbeke, will be presenting Edorble during the sessions "5 Startups That Are Changing the Way We Teach, Learn, and Connect", and he's also a panelist during the session "Disruptive Technologies and Future Trends". We are humbled and thrilled to be at this incredible event.

So - what's to see? 

On June 15, participants can attend a number of ed-tech "field trips". They can visit the UCL Knowledge Lab, TES Global, Kano (creator of incredible computer+coding kits), and more. We'll be attending the field trip hosted by Emerge Education, one of the leading ed-tech accelerators in the UK.

On June 16, a treasure trove of panels, pitches, and presentations takes place. The overjoyed and enthusiastic participant must choose wisely - seeing one thing means sacrificing the ability to see plenty of other good things, so every choice is bittersweet. Here are just a few that we have our eye on (full agenda found here):

Yep, that's us!

Again, these are just a few of the events. It's no easy feat choosing what to see at EdTechXEurope - we wish there were more hours in the day!