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Want a Custom Built 3D Virtual World for Your Online Classes or Meetings?

by Gabe Baker
The sky's the limit. On second thought, there is no limit.

At Edorble, we have a lean, passionate team with deep connections to the world of 3D art and animation. If you like the idea of a 3D virtual world, but want a custom-designed or branded environment, or if you have in mind particular features that you don’t see yet in Edorble, we would be happy to work with you to create them based on your needs and specifications. We could make a world that looks like a particular real-world building or location, or one that is entirely fantastical. The sky's the limit - whatever you have in mind, we can cook up.

If you’d like your custom world to be white-labeled for your particular brand, organization, or institution, we are also happy to do this. If you want, the end result can look like your own, unique product from end to end.

We work with an agile development process that will include you as much as possible during the creation of your world. This way, we make sure that we’re building the right things and not wasting any of your money.

Have questions, or have an idea? Send us an email at or head to this page and fill out the form.