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Edorble Now Supports 50 Simultaneous Users...And There's More

by Gabe Baker
Party time.

Since we launched our beta in December, our most frequent request from users has been for an increase in the number of people that can be in an Edorble world at once. Previously, it was only 15. Now, Edorble supports 50 simultaneous users. It's always been a goal of ours to support larger interactions. We know that many online classes have more than 15 people, and that many training sessions or webinars also have more than 15 participants. So, we're happy as can be about this change. It's still as easy as it was to get into an Edorble world with other people - anyone who uses the same world code at the same time will be in the same world...easy as pie. 

One of the ways we were able to achieve this performance boost was through a new "click to move" movement system. Instead of using the arrow keys to move around, users now point and click their cursor to where they want to move in the world, and their avatar moves there. Using this movement system will also make it easier for us to build Edorble for smartphones and tablets. We're actively seeking feedback on this movement system and would be happy to hear what you think. Shoot us a message at or tweet us @edorble. We're grateful that so many teachers and trainers have been giving us feedback. Help us shape this into what you want it to be.

In other news:

Now, Edorble has one too.

We now do account creation on the Edorble page, so when you claim a world, you're prompted to create an account with your email, or to sign up through Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail. We know that it's difficult enough as it is to keep track of usernames and passwords for everything, so it was important to us that we offer integration with those other popular web services. Why are we doing account creation? Now, teachers that have accounts can go to their Edorble dashboard by logging in. From there, they can see their world code and begin to check out some of the things we'll be building next. We know there's not much there yet, as it's mostly under construction, but at least you can see what home base will look like. This is where you'll be able to manage some of the settings for your world, protect your world with a password, create content that you can embed directly in your Edorble world, and make a profile that lets other teachers who might be interested in setting up a cross-class collaboration find you and your students.  If you've claimed a world before, we encourage you to claim a new one so that you can create an account and get access to the dashboard. Please let us know if you run into any issues during the signup flow.

There are more exciting updates coming soon - we just made some significant additions to the team and we have some exciting developments in the works. We'll be blogging about them soon. In the meantime, try out Edorble with your large class, check out the dashboard in development, and let us know how you'd like to use Edorble and how we can help you do it.