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We're Running a Free, Online Mini-Course on 3D + VR Tech in the Classroom

by Gabe Baker

You can enroll here.

This online mini-course will give a whirlwind tour through some of the issues at the intersection of 3D/VR technology and education. In addition to getting exposure to some tools you can already start using with your students or colleagues, we're also going to read some of the research in the field, collaborate, and create our own lessons. Join if you'd like to meet other educators interested in 3D or VR technology, learn about some ed-tech tools you can use right away with your students, and think critically about these tools together. Teachers of all subjects and levels are welcome. Spread the word!

Note: you don't need a VR headset to participate! Almost all of the tools we'll discuss also have a laptop-compatible version. Also, this course will not require any coding, but those that are familiar with coding will find avenues to pursue within some of the tools we explore.

Week 1 will be a look at the history of 3D/VR technology to place the current hype cycle in its historical context. We'll also explore some of the current VR headsets available on the market today.

Week 2 will be a deep dive into a number of 3D/VR tools for 3D model and environment creation and exploration. You'll be encouraged to create a few models and maps yourself.

Week 3 is a look at some social 3D/VR tools that you can use to come together with your students or colleagues in a virtual environment. We'll look at some of the research about the efficacy of these environments, and try a few out ourselves! 

Week 4 will wrap up the class with some readings and discussion about what the future of this technology might hold for the education space. Those that want to will produce a lesson of their own that they can use with their students or share with their colleagues that makes use of some of the tools you've been exposed to, or write a blog post detailing your thoughts about the relationship between 3D/VR technology and education. 

Interested? Head here to enroll.