Join our Closed Beta!

Edorble wants to be what Wordpress is for websites to virtual worlds for education and research.

A free open core virtual world management system.

We're ready to invite Explorers on our Edorble Cloud Campus and organize several events to make sure everything is working as expected. As a beta tester you're free to invite others and use the campus as you want.

I need convicing ..

I'm interested, what's next?!

Fill in the form below and we'll reach out when we're ready to onboard you.

We're a small team and places are limited so please be patient if you're not immediately contacted after submitting your details.

Looking forward to see you on the campus!

Can I do something to prepare?

  1. Create your avatar!
  2. Download and install Edorble from (Please note that you can also install the itch app to benefit from automatic updates and an easier installation process)
  3. Install Edorble Cloud on your computer
  4. Join our discord and say hi!

I need convincing

Check out the videos our friends at Unity College made during their closed beta.

Only getting started

Closed Beta Invitation by David-Bass Clark

End of Beta Fireworks

Ok I'm convinvced!